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Harmonica Wire For Field Fence or Cheap Farm Fence in Surabaya
Harmonica Wire For Field Fence or Cheap Farm Fence in Surabaya
Harmonica Wire For Field Fence or Cheap Farm Fence in Surabaya
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24 Sep 2020
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What comes to your mind when you hear "wire harmonica"?
Is this the wire component in a harmonica instrument ?? The answer is wrong..hehe
This term is common in the construction world to refer to wire material which is often installed as a fence. So the harmonica wire is galvanized wire woven with a machine to produce a strand of wire with a hole like a diamond shape, it can be stretched. Most often we find this wire installed like a guardrail on a sports field. It can be basketball court, soccer field, tennis court, volleyball court, etc. The function of installing this harmonica wire is to prevent the ball or sports equipment from being thrown far out, even hitting people / objects outside the field. And prevent intruders from entering so that they interfere with ongoing sports activities. It can also be used for cages or fences for fields and farms.
There are two types of harmonica wire, some are made of galvanized wire and some are made of PVC coated wire. The price of PVC wire is more expensive because it has better rust resistance than galvanized wire.
Supplier of harmonica wire for cheap field fences in Surabaya Sidoarjo is certainly PT. Main Works of Steel. The price of harmonica wire 2020 per meter is affordable, high quality. Here are the sizes of our harmonica wires:
Height or Width: 50cm minimum
Length: maximum 30m
Coating: UPVC wire, hot deep galvanized wire, ordinary wire
Wire type: BWG8, BWG10, BWG12, BWG14, BWG14, BWG16, BWG18
Wire thickness: 1mm - 6mm
Hole: 12mm - 70mm
For the width, there is no standard size, it can be ordered according to your needs, it can be 10mx10 or 15mx10m, etc., with a maximum length of 30m width. Please come to our office or contact our CS to get complete information about harmonica wires.

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