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Cheap Minimalist Iron Fence in Surabaya - BRC
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Last Updated
23 Jul 2020
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This BRC fence shape is very simple, because it consists of a series of iron holes with a diameter of 6-8mm. A very long piece of iron is cut and then put together by welding. Finally, the fence sheet is galvanized. This will discuss the process of coordinating corrosion quickly. The shape is simple and the color is silver / gray, suitable to be installed anywhere, for various building models.
If for a factory or industrial area that is very broad. This fence is very suitable, in addition to strong, affordable prices, installation is also quickly completed. And the most important thing is, it resists rust within a certain period.
The price of a BRC fence is very diverse, from the cheapest one is a BRC fence with a galvanized coating type. Whereas hot dip is more expensive with good rust resistance. So you can adjust to your needs, if you ask for a BRC fence for cats of a certain color, you can ask for help, you can buy a galvanized BRC galvanized fence. Galvanized electroplating will be strengthened with more durable paint.